Nektar – Recycled part 1

Nektar‘s album “Recycled” (1975) is an absolute masterpiece of progressive rock.
It is a great concept album, containing great time changes, beautiful vocals, and amazing choir. The album sounds very spacey but also down on earth alike at the same time, the feeling of being into the future and the past, sometimes both at the same time remains through the whole album. Nektar albums are very different and each album might take a while to get into, but when you are, then they sound amazing!

Roy Albrighton / lead vocals, guitars
Mick Brockett / visual environment
Alan “Taff” Freeman / keyboards, backing vocals
Ron Howden / drums, percussion
Derek “Mo” Moore / bass, backing vocals

Song: Part 1 of 4 (due to the 10 min limit of video) of album.
1. Recycle (ca 0:00-2:49)
2. Cybernetic consumption(ca 2:49-4:58)
3. Recycle countdown (ca 4:58-6:50)
4. Automaton horrorscope (ca 6:50-9:52)

1. Recycle

Call me down, the time is here
reminding you to slow the wheel
now, nearing the end of the day,
look, never a moment too soon, or late.

Count the hours, the weeks the days,
forcing natures’ slow decay
here, as we look down on you there
you, fall on into your web of despair.

Man! You had it all your own way,
Now, salvaging blocks of decay. Clean the scene; Change machines!

2. Cybernetic consumption

3. Recycle Countdown

Talk away, the die is cast
all the day, the reasons last.
Just look what is happening here
see, never a day without fear…It’s here!

Calm me down, I have to share
before the world I stand declared.
Hear these words at the end of the day
come never a moment too soon. or late.

Man! You had it all your own way,
Now, salvaging blocks of decay. Clean the scene; Change machines!

4. Automation Horrorscope

Webs of concrete giving off waste dust that marks the search of an age of a thousand vast empires, Sweeping away legends untold to human ears. While shafts of steel clutch the stars, natural supplies…once lapse into eerie silence. Recycled energy becomes the only form of life as it was… now new forms are molded from patterns already used in a struggle to survive!

You had me thinking that I lost my mind
but no, it was you.
Thought you’d make it to a better time
‘til now, but it’s through.

Your castles made of sand
hold out your helpless hands
going down down down
down down down down
They take it all
then take much more…today,
no man could ever realize
his mistakes,

They will help you one step down…
sit back… and watch you drown
going down down down
Going down down down
down down down

nektar la scighera

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