James Blood Ulmer – Little Red House

Hooo! Hey! Oh!
Let me take me take you down to the little red house, uhh
They gotta broad that’s a burstin’ shout
Making love ain’t too much fun, whoa
If you tell yo poppa before we done

Oooo! Wee-hah! Huh!
Walk right in and don’t be shy, yeah
You couldn’t love a bit, I’ll let ya ride
Just don’t try, find and ride her
Nothing rubs together like legs and thighs
Let yourself, let yourself stay a while
You sure don’t want to drug a path

Oooh, yeah, uhhh
Yeah, hey-hey, ooh-hooo

Walkin’ all around with the fare
I save it cause my baby do me better
Takin’ a chance, can romance
You hug and then you love and then hug and you dance


You sure were awake, and paid a pretty day, huh
I want this all through for Rene,
Even though you did not say
Try to make another day
Come to the little red house with me
They got a broad that’s the best you’ve seen
Have a little fun at the home in Rouge, yah love
Does your poppa know everything you do?
I don’t care, hey-hey
Gonna play my guitar and cry

from “Odyssey” Album 1983

Guitar, Vocals – James Blood Ulmer
Violin – Charles Burnham
Drums – Warren Benbow

james blood ulmer odyssey fronte

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