Harvey Mandel: “Games Guitars Play” (Album 1969)

Harvey Mandel: “Games Guitars Play” 1969.

Feeling that he needed a singer to compete commercially, Mandel decided to abandon his instrumental format, taking on multi-instrumentalist  Russell Dashiel as lead vocalist for a good share of the tracks. Dashiel was a singer who typified some of the lesser White blues-rock stylings of the period, and the material (with a higher percentage of blues and soul covers). Harvey’s playing remained accomplished and imaginative (as is evident on the original instrumental “Ridin’ High” and the cover of Horace Silver’s “Senor Blues”).

A1 Leavin’ Trunk. A2 Honky Tonk. A3 I Don’t Need No Doctor. A4 Dry Your Eyes
A5 Ridin’ High. B1 Capurange. B2 Senor Blues. B3 Games People Play.

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