The Shadows of Knight – Gospel Zone

Hey baby-Why don’t you love me anymore?
Hey baby-I’m standin’ here on the floor. Oh!
You know I love you.
Baby please leave me a ? a line.
If you will love me. I’ll forget my wife.

You got to love me. Baby better love me.
All the time-All the time-In the morning-
In the evening-In the summer-thru the winter.
You got to love me.


Hey now baby-I’ll buy a house and settle down.
I’ll come home and love you.
Instead of stayin’ in town.
Baby please believe me.
Everything I say is true.
If you don’t love me.
I’ll even try to sue-You!
You’ve got to love me-In the backyard.
In the front yard-In the jailyard-In the kitchen-
In the sink-In the basement-In the clink.
You gotta love me.
Please shut the window.

the shadows of knight back door men

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