The Increible Simon Stokes & The Black Whip Thrill Band “Good times they come/waltz for jaded lovers”

Good times they come, good times they go
Sometimes theres blue sky’s and sometimes theres snow
You are my sun, I am your rain
You are my happiness and I am your pain

God damn you she cried, with tears in her eye’s
I hate your guts, go on get out of here
It was a mess, she spilled gin on her dress
Which was soiled with the failure of her years
Her eye’s were red and puffy, and the kids began to cry
They had seen this kind of sordid mess before
Hysterical and lonely, and bitter with the years
She now blocked my exit from the door

And I stood like a rock
I tried not to talk
I know life, goes on

I hate you, you bastard, I wish you were dead
The venom in her eye’s was like a snake
I said you drunken pig, you better get the hell out of my way
I don’t remember feelin such hate
She ran in to the bathroom, she slammed the door with force

Her eye’s looked like they were gonna bug right out of her head
I knocked down the door, I seen her lyin on the tile
She was grinin up at me, she was dead
She lay on the floor, a puddle of blood
A rusty razor lay by her side
The kids were screaming, MAMMA
I thought I was dreamin
She gone and committed suicide

And I stood like a rock
Tried not to talk
I know life, goes on

Well the cop’s come in, and took the body away
Said the two little kids would become wards of the state
I walked down those garbage littered stairs
Not looking back, but tomorrow man I’ll get myself straight

And I stand like a rock
I aint gonna talk
I know life, goes on
And I stand like a rock
I aint gonna talk
I know lïfe, goes on

simon stokes

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