The Hunger – “Strictly From Hunger” (Album 1969)

A1 Colors  2:00
A2 Workshop  4:20
A3 Portland 69  5:38
A4 No Shame  2:25
A5 Trying To Make The BEST  5:35
B1 Open Your Eyes  2:25
B2 The Truth  3:55
B3 Mind Machine  3:29
B4 She LEFT Him Continue  5:02
B5 Trying To Make The Best No. 2  7:24

Hunger (the name sometimes given as Hunger!) was an American psychedelic garage rock band of the 1960s. The band formed in Portland, Oregon, and later moved to Los Angeles. The group gained a following after opening for groups like The Doors. They released one album, Strictly from Hunger, in 1968. A reworked version of the album, featuring Strawberry Alarm Clock and Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King, was released in 1969.


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