The Blues Project – Two Trains Running – “Projections” 1966

My mother told my father
Well before I was born
You got a boy child coming
Sure is gonna be
He’s gonna be
The boy will be a rolling stone

I went to my baby’s house
Well I fell down right on the steps
She said come in come in Danny
Oh well my other man
Well well well my other man
Don’t you know my husband he just now left

I’ve been crazy
People I’ve even been a fool too
I’ve been crazy most all of my life
I been in love people
Well with some other mans
I’m with some other mans
I’ve been in love with some other man’s wife don’t you know

My baby she’s so long and tall
She moves just like a willow tree
Well she’s the one I love
She’s is the very one
I do hate to
I hate to lose I hate to lose
Oh baby

There are two two trains running
They’re never going my way
Oh well the other one
Oh well the other one
Oh well the other ones runs at the break of day
Of day
Of day


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