Taj Mahal – John Aint It Hard

Soon as the train
reach that old station
And make up to the yard
I’m gonna call out to that old conductor
saying john,
john, aint it hard.

Saw my baby
my sweet baby
she was all dressed up in red
It was not the clothes she wore
it was these old sweet words she said

She say “Daddy!”
“sweet daddy!
last night I dreamed the whole wide world was mine.
You know i woke up laughing
woke up laughing
to keep from crying”

Please don’t you cry babe
give me one kiss
and after two kisses don’t you cry no more
Ahhhhh baby
you know what life & love is for

My sweet baby
Mamma it’s so nice to have you awww back home
I was getting so tired
of living all alone.

as soon as that old train
reach that old station
and make up in the yard
I’m a call out to that ol’ conductor
saying john!
john aint it hard

singing john
oh johnnnnn
aint it hard

oh johnnnnnnn
aint it harrrrrd

the real thing

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