Stone the Crows – “Stone the Crows” (Album 1969)

1. Touch of Your Loving Hand (6:03)
2. Raining in Your Heart (5:09)
3. Blind Man (5:12)
4. Fool on the Hill (4:09)
5. I Saw America (17:21)

Stunning debut album from one of the “lost” bands of the 70’s that should be in any serious classic rock fan’s collection. You may not know the band by name, but many are sure to recognize one or two of the pedigrees involved. Lead vocalist Maggie Bell, whose bluesy and soulful whiskey-soaked voice recalls Janis Joplin and Bonnie Tyler, pursued a solo career after the group dissolved. Bass player and backing vocalist Jim Dewar went on to greater fame for his distinctive singing on Robin Trower’s early albums (give a listen to “Touch Of Your Hand” for the sound of those unmistakable pipes!) Unsung guitarist Les Harvey (brother of glam-rocker Alex) had his career tragically cut short in an infamous onstage electrocution during a Stone The Crows concert.(Listen to his acoustic playing on “Blind Man” to hear what I mean by “unsung guitarist”). Remastering on import edition is outstanding.

stone the crow first

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