Small Faces – Wham Bam Thank You Mam

She was a lady of charm
String of young boys on each arm
She was good to those who took off all their clothes and played guitar
Love comes love goes anyway your mind blows
Wham, bam, thank you, mam
We’ll boogie till the rooster crows
He lived alone, love for none
He said pain never hurt anyone
Surprise surprise

Consumption on the floor
Stretcher out the door and that was it
God forsaken empty shell forgotten in a bad smell
Wham, bam, look out, Sam
The devil claims his own to moan in hell
Shang-a-lang-a, Shang-a-do-lang, Shang-a-lang-a
Sa-i-di ma-moon, sa-i-di ma-moon, Sa-i-di gris gris

Just hold your breath, and close your eyes
Turn the corner of surprise, and there you are
Our lives are run by ego freaks
A walking book of rules who seems
To keep you in your pidgeon holes
And fuss when your soul steps out of line

small faces wham bam thank you man

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