Quicksilver Messenger Service – Flute Song – “Shady Groove” 1969

When your mind divides you from your heart
You get to believing we’re apart
Illusions of division come from doubt and from suspicion
And i’m wishing in my soul
They’d never start.

Flute song in the night- a distant train
Sounds of loneliness are all the same
But when the tears have left your eyes you may come to realize
No matter what the changes
? ?
No matter where you’re bound or where you’ve been
There’s nothing left to lose or left to win
But in or out of season when there’s something left is pleasing
Then you need no other reason
To give in.
All you know [?] is what you feel
When all your secrets are revealed
And when your heart is willing then the spaces will start filling in
The fullness of the hope [?]
I hear.


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