Pentangle – Pentangling

You’ve been working so hard all day won’t you take your rest
You ‘ve been driving my blues away
Now it is my turn
Come climb beneath my wings
Sweet child it may not be for long

Well I may be a-drinking hard
Like a fish that swims
And I could be riding high
Like a floating cloud
And if the rain does fall
Sweet child I would not let you drown

Well, I would not care to see untruth in your eyes
I would not care to know
Where your heart does lie
I’ve tried to trust my heart
But my eyes are failin’ me

Sweet child come to me now
Let me take your hand
Well I do not know you well yet I’ve tried so hard
Through four and twenty years
Sweet child, I still don’t understand

Well, I’ve heard there are great men
Who could save our soul
With kind and gentle hearts
And love is their goal
I really want to know
Sweet child, who could shoot them down

And I’ve a-thought about a man
Who does sing his life
Who sheds his tears upon every mortal soul
And I wonder does he yearn
Sweet child, for death to come for him

And I once did see a child, she did sit and cry
Where has the pretty flower in the darkness gone?
In summer you shall see
Sweet child, I guess it won’t be long

Won’t you lay yourself down and rest
Let your mind relax
Won’t you cuddle into the night
I will guide your path
Well, I may not be here long
‘Cause I got a feeling to be gone

pentangle pentangling

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