Paola Tagliaferro ft. La Compagnia dell’Es: “Paola Tagliaferro Sings Greg Lake” (2021) – by Gabriele Peritore

When we talk about Greg Lake, the magical period of progressive rock immediately comes to mind, when in the late sixties and throughout the seventies, this English musician played in some of the most representative bands of this musical genre such as King Crimson and  Emerson, Lake & Palmer, composing songs that have remained in the history of music. The magic was there, musically speaking, in the fact that all the barriers of genre were finally coming down, psychedelia merging with classical composition and rock taking a universal leap into the realm of beauty. The study of the arrangements, the study of the texts (specifically taking place together with the poet Peter Sinfield), like real poems, everything was done to create wonder. The same wonder, the same delicacy, in a very intimate and heartfelt way, can be found in the ten songs offered by Paola Tagliaferro in this recording project that intends to pay homage to Greg Lake right from the title: “Paola Tagliaferro Sings Greg Lake” (Owl Records 2021).
As if taken by the hand, by Greg himself, she starts from the beginning (From The Beginning) and, through her sensitivity as an attentive and aware musician, brings that magical atmosphere back to us, with all the respect one owes to a friend. Because Greg and Paola were united by a great bond of friendship, during the last years of Greg’s life. The same bond that Paola now has with Regina, Greg’s wife.  It was Regina who suggested Paola sing her husband’s songs and also guided Paola along the path to follow. Ten of the best songs ever by Lake. Not an easy feat, but Paola has succeeded in surrounding herself with the right musicians, to create arrangements that respect the original ones and at the same time create a more mystical and intimate atmosphere, as if she were confiding in a friend. The rest is played on her interpretation, in which you can feel the great intensity, the great sensitivity, and the incredible ability to identify with another because Paola Tagliaferro knows how to be the singer and knows how to be the song and, above all, she knows how to enlighten, how to ignite emotions.

Paola Tagliaferro, voice.  Pier Gonella, guitar.
Giulia Ermirio, viola. Andrea Zanzottera, piano.
Enten Hitti (Pierangelo Pandiscia and Gino Ape), lute, ancient instruments, oboe, xylophone.
U.T. Gandhi, percussion.  Vincenzo Zitello, Harp.
Tracklist: 1. From the Beginning.  2. Still You Turn Me On. 3. Lucky Man. 4. C’est la vie.
5. Promenade 2. 6. The Sage.  7. Take a Pebble.  8. I Believe in Father Christmas.
9. Moonchild.  10. Epitaph-Battlefield.
Artistic Production: Paola Tagliaferro.
Artistic Co-Production: Regina Lake.
Sound Engineer: Pier Gonella.
Cover Greg Lake Image: Regina Lake.


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