Magna Carta – Seasons

This is the turning of the year
The final cut before the curtain falls
The squirrel, warm within his bed of leaves
Cannot hear the wind that blows around the chimney pots
For like the pilgrim of the year gone by … he sleeps.

Once he was a young man who laughed in the spring,
And lay beneath an upturned sky on long hot summer days …
But with autumn he grows mellow …
He looks over his shoulder
Down the long year path of no return.
Already he is but a memory …
fading like a shadow on the wall
But time with restless footsteps …
hurries by …
And now beside the road …
There stands …
The pilgrim of the year to be …

Winter Song

Falling leaves turn to gold
Silver flowers on my window
Spirit of the fading year
Gently slips away
He knows not where …
He cannot say … oh no.

Naked trees in the sky
Stars are shining clear and cold
The minstrel of the ages sings of
So long ago
An age old tune
Without a name …
No one knows …

In the white falling snow
The pilgrim travels on
His face towards the sun
Beyond the open road he travels on
Past the lamp shining windows
And faces by the fire
Before the midnight hour
For Christmas time has come around again …

Go to sleep … little child
You shouldn’t be awake,
Go to sleep little child
Time to let the night go by.
Waiting for the sound of a magic sleigh
The chimneys not too tall they say
Or the roof too high for a Reindeer to fly
Not too high for a reindeer to fly.

The clock strikes twelve
In the street below
They hurry to a church and pray:
“Forgive our sins and negligence
Accept our humble penitence,
It’s been a year ago today
Since we were here”.

Choir gently sings an anthem
Not too loud or out of key
Congregation turn eye corners
When the plate goes round to see
Who gives the most on Christmas Day
The most of Christmas Day.

Twilight days are slipping far away
Just sand into an hour glass
For winter time is slowly passed and cannot last for ever.

North wind turn on your back
Upon the doors that you have blown
West wind melt the organ pipes
Of ice, that glitter on the eaves
Of the houses in the town.

And the sun wakes up the flowers
That slumber through the winter
And warms the sleepy faces waiting for the spring.

Spring Poem:

The skies of steel and fields white with frost
Are memories of yesterday
And white scarecrow children search the hedgerows … and splash
Through muddy pools for secrets … the spirit of the spring,
With the sunbeams on her hair … shakes the sleeping earth …
And with the pilgrim by her side … she murmurs in the trees …
And in the ears of all who listen … “Now … time to wake … for winter has gone”.

Spring Song:

Green – April comes
With flowers in her hair she smiles again
And like a child cares nothing for tomorrow

She … spreads her wings
Catch her if you see her in your mind’s eye
For she smiles in a Mina Lisa way

Sun is rising from a cloud
Above your head
When you instead are sleeping,
All is knowing …
All is growing …
And no one knows which way their mind is blowing.

Green … April comes
And now she finds her work is almost done
And like a child cares nothing for tomorrow …
And like a child lives only for today

Summer Poem:

The pilgrim wanders with the spirit of the spring, enchanted …
As if tomorrow will never come … but time is running out …
And as she bids him farewell …
Only the echo of her voice remains … for now she flies on the
Bare back of the south wind … across the naked mountains …
Above the winding rivers … breathing gently on the meadows …
Scattering her flowers into the grass and the hedgerows … a vision slowly
Fading … fading … fading through the back door … into summer.

Summer Song:

Long summer day
Golden fingers pointing at my doorway
Meadow sleeping
Watching for the sky to turn you on.

The air filled with haytime
Dandelion clock time
Past a flower-print lady
On a seat in the park
Wears a paper on her head
She never read at all
She’s just keeping her mind in the dark.

You know she’s cool
Just like an ice-cream man
Don’t you see what I mean
She’s doing the best that she can.

Hey Mr. Sunshine
Like a Harlequin
You’re dancing on my picture book today
It’s a good time
I’m a paper kite
And I’m floating far away.

Drifting alone
Chew on a Candy-floss in the pouring rain
The kids are crying again.

Holiday time
Down on a beach with the crowd
Trying to look for the sun
Taking whatever you can
– And your deckchair is an island
In a kaleidoscope world –

Jamming cars
Crowded bars
Stand on trains
Or smell the drains
The quiver in the heat
Of the city street
– God I must get away –

Hey Mr. Sunshine
I’m paper kite and I’m floating
Far away …

Autumn Song:

Down the wide open road
The pilgrim travels on
His face towards the sun
Beyond the open road he travels on.
And the waves steal the footprints
Of the summer from the sand
Beneath the Silver Moon
The north wind blows the fading leaves again.


Around and around all has nearly turned the full circle
The warm lazy days of sunshine, and brown rivers
Winding through the meadows are a tale of yesterday.
The pilgrim sighs and draws his mantle close about him
in the smoky evening.
He watches the leaves wither and fall
Frost has rimmed the pools with ice and hung diamonds in the spider’s web.

For this is the turning of the year,
The final scene before the curtain falls
And now beside the road there stands …
The pilgrim of the year to be …

Winter Song (Reprise):

Falling leaves turn to gold
Silver flowers on my window
Spirit of the fading year
Gently slips away
He knows not where …
He cannot say …

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