Loggins & Messina Live – “On Stage”

For Enjoyment – Copyright Infringement Not Intented.
Copyrights 1974. 1998 Sony Music Entertainment

Song List from Intro Set of Recording:
1. House at Pooh Corner
2. Danny’s Song
3. You Could Break My Heart
4. Lady of My Heart
5. Long Tail Cat
6. Listen to a Country Song
7. Holiday Hotel

Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina were the first of the ’70s singer-songwriters to marry their craft to the spirit of rock and roll. They took America by storm with a winning combination of memorable hits and now legendary performances. Long before they earned the first of their gold albums, Loggins & Messina proved that in-person power was one of their natural assests. Between them arcs a unique electricity, as their performance evolved from a soft, mellow acoustical guitar to a thundering, high energy six man band. The visited and performed in Hawaii many times and I had the pleasure to see them more than three times at the Blaisdell Arena on Oahu Hawaii. Those surely were the day, just unforgettable memories!


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