Little Beaver – Never Can Say Goodbye

“Black Rhapsody” 1974

Incredible funky guitar – an all-instrumental gem from the legendary Little Beaver
– quite different than his other vocal albums of the 70s, and a fair bit funkier too! The sound here is amazing – lots of snakey compressed guitar parts, nice wah wah moments, and a dope laidback groove that’s similar to Shuggie Otis on his Inspiration Information album, but a little funkier too! Especially sweet are the sudden changes within the tunes – which find a killer groove, take a left turn or two, and then fall back into the groove nicely. Beaver wrote most of the cuts, and the track list includes “Hit Me With Funky Music”, “Loosen Up”, and “Tribute To Wes”. But some of his best playing comes out on the covers, which have a nice laidback feel, in the best dope Little Beaver style – like “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “Let’s Stay Together”, and “Summertime”.

black rhapsody

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