Kaleidoscope – Beacon From Mars

When I’m leavin’ in the morning
And I don’t know where to go
Because the woman I been with for years now
Said she don’t love me anymore
Did you hear me call babe?
Did you see I’m with you?
Did you see me baby?
I’m on my knees
But I’ve one word left
One word only
In that way babe
Can’t you hear me?

When I’m walking down your highway
Movin’ on fastest I can
I look around L.A. town
Found a woman that once attracted me
Maybe here
Maybe there
Maybe now you have heard
Come closer, let me see you
Let me found out how you care

A stranger in your city
I’m a stranger in your town
Don’t have no friends here, don’t have no woman
Got no place to lay my body down
Did you hear me call?
Can I see
With your blaze close by me
Let me hold you just one time
Then you’ll know

The rain keeps on falling
A dirty window shows my face
Your soft voice keeps on calling
But I just ain’t going in any place
But that’s all right babe you settle up your score
Is for me who cares
Just don’t matter anymore

My neighbour
Keep on fighting
I can hear him through the wall
In the water falling
I wouldn’t mind a faith myself
It’s better than talking to a wall
It’s better than talking right babe
You settle up your spoil
For me who cares
Just don’t matter anymore


bacon from mars

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