John Belushi – “1941” (Video)

The only widescreen version on YouTube. This trailer, shot by John Milius and released a full year before “1941”‘s Thanksgiving 1979 release introduced audiences to John Belushi‘s character of Captain Wild Bill Kelso. Except here he’s called ‘Wayne’ Kelso. Guess they changed his name when they actually shot the movie. This must be one of the first teasers to come out a full year before the film. Notice the narrator (actually Dan Aykroyd) states the movie comes out “next Christmas.” The movie itself… well, it’s not for all tastes. It gets a bad rep, and admittedly it is trying a little too hard to be funny at times, but it has a hell of a great cast (including Slim Pickens, Toshiro Mifune, Christopher Lee, Robert Stack, and Warren Oates) and there are some amazing visual effects. It’s a guilty pleasure, but I have fun with it. Kind of Spielberg‘s homage to “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”.

belushi 1941

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