Graham Nash – Another Sleep Song


“Wilde Tales” 1973.

1. Wild Tales 0:00
2. Hey You (Looking at the Moon) 2:20
3. Prison Song 4:37
4. You’ll Never Be the Same 7:51
5. And So It Goes 10:41
6. Grave Concern 15:30
7. Oh! Camil (the Winter Soldier) 18:17
8. I Miss You 21:12
9. On the Line 24:18
10. Another Sleep Song 26:55

Graham Nash (guitar, piano, harmonica, vox)
Joel Bernstein (guitar)
Johnny Barbata (drums)
David Crosby (vox on 3,5, 9)
Tim Drummond (bass)
Harry Halex (piano and guitar)
Stanley Johnston (voice montage on 6)
Ben Keith (pedal steel and dobro)
David Lindley (slide guitar and mandolin)
David Mason (12-string guitar)
Joni Mitchell (vox on 10)
Neil Young [credited as Joe Yankee] (piano on 5)

wild tales

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