Fuzzy Duck – “Fuzzy Duck” (Album 1971)

Fuzzy Duck was an English progressive rock group from London, formed in 1970. Their self-titled studio album Fuzzy Duck was released in 1971. It featured Mick Hawksworth of Five Day Week Straw People and Andromeda, as well as Crazy World of Arthur Brown keyboardist Roy Sharland and drummer Paul Francis of Tucky Buzzard (and later of Tranquility). The band was not named after the drinking game, but rather was coined by the album art designer, Jonathon Coudrille. The group disbanded soon after the release of their full-length album, but enduring interest in the band led to reissues on CD by Akarma Records and Repertoire Records.

1. Time Will Be Your Doctor 0:00
2. Mrs. Prout 5:10
3. Just Look Around You 11:59
4. Afternoon Out 16:23
5. More Than I Am 21:21
6. Country Boy 26:55
7. In Our Time 33:00
8. A Word From Big D 39:40
Bonus Tracks:
9. Double Time Woman 41:21
10. Big Brass Band 44:21
11. One More Hour 47:19
12. No Name Face 51:18

Mick (Doc) Hawksworth – Bass Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic 12-String Guitar
Electric Cello, Cricket Bat on ‘In Our Time’

Graham White – Electric Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on ‘Mrs. Prout’
Roy (Daze) Sharland – Organ, “Ducking Vocals”, Electric Piano on ‘Just Look Around You’
Paul Francis — Drums, All Percussion

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