Edgar Broughton Band – Death of an Electric Citizen

Thought I hear a raindrop fall
Trickle down beneath
And the raindrop was a stream
And the stream was a river
Ready, ready, ready, ready, to the sea
And the sea met the sky
And you know, you know, you know
The sky had no end, no end, no end, no end, no end
There was aurora borealis
And it chilled to the bone
And it chilled [???????????????]
You’re not going home 
I got us up her, up her
And her head spin
Like a cryin’ out for water
Like a bony thin
And the sky was a cry
City palace all around wall
And the twelve guards
Were back as far
Aphrodite play with [seague from armaden]
There’s a light growing in my hairs
Electric big bear, big bear
Like I gotta, ooh ooh (x4)
Try, try, well, moan a bit, cry a bit, sleep a bit, die a bit
If you wanna deny it
There’s a warm tall maiden
With a green eye
And she says ‘this is my Heaven
You can make it if you try’
And there’s a ooh, ooh
And a, oh, wide eye
There’s a ooh, ooh
And a ooh, warm night
And you hear the promises
Blowin’ on the wind
And the wind is a vehicle
For a bad man’s sins
They burn the city open
You gotta take it on the town
Stop go, Stop go, Stop go, Stop go,
You know you can go
With a black bone
And the pleasance of, and the pleasance of, denial
And that’s just about the death of a, like I mean
Electric citizen

edgar wasa

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