Curved Air – Hide and Seek


Night time come and lay and hide and seek
(I have got to find you)
Streets to search and I am here alone

(Try to doubt the unknown)
*Walk in the streets
A call your name
And no one comes
Running through the town
I call your name
I know no one hereShadows forming where the night begins
(Just the breeze comes in)
Doors all closed and window curtains drawn
(All the people are gone)
(* Repeat)Doors all closed and window curtains drown
(All the people are gone)
Streets deserted and I am here alone
(Try to doubt the unknown)Sonja Kristina – lead vocals
Darryl Way – violin, backing vocals
Francis Monkman – guitars, keyboards
Rob Martin – bass
Florian Pilkington-Miksa – drums

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