Chris Farlowe – Stormy Monday

they call it stormy monday
yeah,tuesday it’s just as bad
yeah, they call it stormy monday
you know tuesday is just as bad
wednesdays is alright
thursday is also sad
he go flies on fridays
yeah,on sat*rday i draw my pay
it ain’t much
the show goes along the way

he gonna go fly on friday
he knows sat*rday i draw my money,i draw my heart
i draw my pay
yes i do
oh,sunday is my dearest
that’s when i get off my needs
and i pray
and this is what i got to say to you all

lord have mercy
have mercy on me
that on me
i said lord ,lord,lord have mercy
you got to have mercy
that on me
lord i ‘m trying to find my baby
i want,i want,i want,i want
can’t you be?
they call it stormy monday blues

chris farlowe

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