Beacon Street Union – Mystic Morning

Let me get in there.

How can you know that the ocean is deep?
When you stand in puddles all the time.
How can you tell me your world is right?
When you never set your foot in mine.

Why do your eyes see only the tree?
And the forest never comes into view.
You mind has besieged by a crippling disease.
And it seems that you’ll never pull through.

Yes, the written word has a lot to say.
But only the mind makes it true.
You’ll know if it’s real if you know how it fells.
The experience will teach it to you.

What is it that makes your decisions so right?
When you trust a man on books alone.
How can you talk about the color of soul?
When all you see is skin and bone.

How can you say your goal is happiness?
When happiness is not to be had.
Your either too blind to see or your deceiving me.
Oh on, everyone is going mad.

My God, My God have you forsaking me?
Is it heaven to which I’ve been condemned?
Dose wit fall on the brink of its sanity?
Let me rest in peace amen.


beacon street union the eyes of the beacon retro

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