Armageddon – Buzzard

Riding high on burnished wings
And with a brazen eye
The buzzard waits to take it’s pick
Waiting on that helpless cry
In the time it takes
The moment that you’re right off guard
Bridges that you thought you’d crossed
Got to cross ‘em all again

Just as lightning strikes
Before the thunder
The buzzard falls upon it’s prey
Before it has a chance to wonder
But the meek will stand
Understanding nature
Seeing far beyond the plan

Take their place in time
Take their place in timeless structure

Out, out of the dark surrounding shadows
Tearing apart – trying to get to me
Sometimes you’ll see, sometimes you’ll feel
Colder than steel, instantly real

Burn, burning with fire, from the depths of time
Enter my space to take my grace from me
Slither and slide, ready to hide
Far down inside – waiting with pride

Keith Relf – vocals, harmonica
Martin Pugh – guitar
Louis Cennamo – bass
Bobby Caldwell – drums


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