J. J. Cale – “Troubadour” (Album 1976)

from “Troubadour” Album 1976.

01. Hey Baby (3:13)
02. Travelin’ Light (2:51)
03. You Got Something (4:01)
04. Ride Me High (3:35)
05. Hold On (1:59)
06. Cocaine (2:50)
07. I’m A Gypsy Man (2:43)
08. The Woman That Got Away (2:53)
09. Super Blue (2:42)
10. Let Me Do It To You (3:00)
11. Cherry (3:22)
12. You Got Me On So Bad (3:18)

J.J. Cale: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Billy Puett: Saxophone
Dennis Good: Trombone
Buddy Emmons: Steel Guitar
Gordon Payne: Guitar
Reggie Young: Guitar
Bill Boazman: Guitar
Harold Bradley: Guitar
Chuck Browning: Guitar, Drums
Bill Pursell: Keyboards
Don Tweedy: Keyboards
Bobby Wood: Keyboards
Tommy Cogbill: Bass
Joe Osborne: Bass
Bill Raffenspeger: Bass
Charles Dungey: Bass
Kenny Buttrey: Drums
Farrell Morris: Drums, Vocals
Buddy Harmon: Drums
Karl Himmel: Drums
Jim Karstein: Drums
Kenny Malone: Drums
Jerry Allison: Percussion
Audie Ashworth: Percussion
Gary S. “Flip” Paxton: Vocals

jj cale

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